Wealth Consciousness

13 – 15 February 2015

10h00 – 17h00 / 18h00 each day
Saint Petersburg – Russia

NEW ThetaHealing® elective seminar.
Pre-requisites: Basic & Advanced DNA Practitioners.


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View the webinar with Mark Anthony, and learn:

  • What the course of Wealth Consciousness is about
  • What are the differences between this course and “the Game of Life” and “Manifesting & Abundance”.
  • How the course will impact on your life.
  • A bit about “Quantum Physics”.
  • What results you will achieve by attending the course.

The “Wealth Consciousness” course is a course created by Mark Anthony to help Thetahealers adopt a “wealth conscious” mind-set. A persons’ mind-set either draws or repels wealth towards them. For many, wealth seems to be outside of them but in actual fact wealth is a state of mind that you can consciously adopt whenever you want to.

The first step towards becoming wealthy is shifting your dominant focus from a scarcity and lack mind-set and breaking away from the limiting mental patterns, rules and habits that impoverish us and draw us again and again into the poverty cycle.

All the wealth you have ever desired lies within you and not outside of you!

The purpose of this course is to raise our consciousness by using the ThetaHealing® tool so we can naturally align our vibration(sum of all our thoughts beliefs, attitude and feelings) with the universal laws that will create and sustain wealth in ways that will benefit all.

A Wealth conscious mind-set can be acquired by anyone and is not limited to only the few lucky ones or special and talented individuals in our Society. In the early part of the 1900’s and throughout history it was noted that it took the most wealthy individuals almost an entire life time to acquire wealth but now with the shift in human consciousness people can tap into this mind-set and acquire wealth very little time.

The overall objective and uniqueness of this course is to help shift our mind-set from poverty consciousness to wealth consciousness where money flows into our lives more readily through doing the work that we love.


To achieve wealth consciousness mind-set 3 fundamental questions will be addressed throughout the course.

  • Who Am I?
  • What is the Highest truth about our Existence?
  • What is my purpose here?

Life is the images of the mind expressed!



ThetaHealing® Australia Representative

Mark Anthony

  • Representative for ThetaHealing® in Australia.
  • Completed the ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science qualification with THInK®.
  • An Instructor of ThetaHealing® of the highest calibre.
  • Qualified Industrial Engineer.

Mark was introduced to ThetaHealing®after being diagnosed with medically incurable condition called Vertebral Osteomyelitis. Mark had a ThetaHealing®consultation and attended a class which transformed his life. Medical tests verified that the bacteria had disappeared and the bones regenerated. Mark chose to dedicate himself to this work, and was soon a fully qualified Theta healing teacher.

Before ThetaHealing®, Mark qualified as an Industrial Engineer and managed and owned a number of successful businesses. He has always has an enthusiastic interest in the field of spirituality and human potential, and over the past 20 years and more he has explored and experienced a number of healing modalities. Quantum Physics has always been something he was interested in, and the power of the creative force, and it was only when he experienced ThetaHealing® that he truly felt connected to the power of the Creator.

A significant part of Mark’s time is dedicated to teaching and enriching people’s lives with this wonderful technique. His passion is to empower people to accept their true potential and create the most amazing lives for themselves. He is committed to delivering the material with the highest of integrity and passion.

Mark is qualified to teach all of the ThetaHealing® classes and has created his own Wealth Consciousness class which is a certified ThetaHealing® elective. Apart from this he is also well regarding in the Personal Development & Healing Industry and is increasingly called upon to share his journey of transformation and speaking on a number of related topics.

A man who truly walks his talk, Mark is a compassionate and inspiring speaker/teacher who speaks from a space of deep authenticity. He is dynamic and entertaining and has a humble, gentle and exciting approach. In conjunction with his diverse background, experience and amazing healing/life journey, his speaking engagements are long remembered, leaving a lasting impact on the listeners.

Today he continues to be inspired by the power of the technique and the positive changes he sees in his and his clients lives.


The cost to participate as an attendee for the seminar consists of:

  • DEPOSIT (which covers admin costs, organisational expenses etc. and is paid to the organisers of the event in Russia)
  • SEMINAR FEE (which covers the cost for EDUCATION, and is paid directly to the Seminar Leader – in this case the country being Australia).
€ 175.00 From 1 Jan 2015 onwards


€ 350.00

(Deposit Fee Special Offer of € 150.00 ended 01/01/2015)

** The deposit fee is non-refundable, and your total cost will be the DEPOSIT + SEMINAR FEE **
** Banks charge a fee for their services – which is not included in the above costs, should you decide to pay by bank transfer **

Proceed as follows:

1. First, pay the deposit – (use the PayPal button we will provide you with). Before paying please make sure that you have all the necessary certificates for this course.

2. Once you have paid your deposit – send a confirmation email including your name, email address and country you are from. Send it to: “*protected email*”

3. We will respond to you with an email which will contain details of how you can make the payment for the seminar fee. This will be paid to – Mark Anthony – in Australia.

4. We will confirm the address of the seminar venue closer to the time, but not earlier than two weeks prior to the start of the seminar. If you need advice on where to find accommodation, or arrange Visas for travel to Russia, please contact us on the email address: “*protected email*”

All payments – by PayPal or by cash payment, or where agreed by Bank Transfer.
Payments will be accepted until all spaces have been filled. Thereafter no further payments will be accepted.
Final payment for the Seminar Fee must be completed before the 15th of January 2015.

** The Deposit fee can not be transferred to any other courses / The Deposit fee can not be transferred to any other date of the same course (irrespective of the circumstances). **

The price includes:

  • Education received in the seminar
  • English manual (Mark will deliver the seminar in English)
  • Certification (Certificate & listing on the THInK® database.)
  • One coffee break per day (normally in the afternoon)

The seminar will be translated into Russian free of charge.
If you want the seminar translated into any other language, then please contact us on the email “*protected email*” so that we can agree the conditions of having the class translated into another language.

** Please note: We can not provide translation into other languages for you. You will need to discuss the options with us first before anyone can translate the course for you, even if they are paying to attend the course themselves. **

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