Buyer Beware – with Vianna Stibal



Since completing my Certificate of Science, and then jointly hosting Vianna Stibal in Russia with my wife, there have been a number of people asking questions about what others have been doing correctly or in some instances – incorrectly. This is a section very aptly titled “Buyer Beware” as it is something I feel is really important in the protection of ThetaHealing® as a modality.

Why protect the modality?

If you look at any system, that has been diluted over time, then you would probably be able to see that the system has become so generic that there is no perceived value to the system. Take for example a drivers licence to drive a car. If standards are not set for the license test, then the safety and ability of the drivers who hold the license, will drop. Everybody will have a license. And there will be such a variance in ability to drive, that ultimately it would become crazy to take a chance driving in an area where nobody actually has the ability to drive.

Much the same can and should be said for ThetaHealing® as a modality! We need to protect those who are Instructors, those who are Practitioners, and those who experience the joys of ThetaHealing®. By protecting it as a modality, we ensure that every time someone experiences ThetaHealing®, that they experience it as the Creator intended it to be experienced, as Vianna was told to teach and share it with us.

Is this a sign that things are going right?

Ultimately when any modality or system grows to the point where certain guidelines, checks and balances need to be put in place, then it is a sign that the modality is thriving, it is becoming more widely accepted and shared, and it is becoming more recognised in the spiritual society of today. Many of the martial art forms from the east, put into place certain checks and tests, to make sure that their students knew what they were doing, and that they implemented their martial art form correctly.
The same can be said about ThetaHealing®.

Our interview with Vianna

So we had a chance to ask some questions, and here is what Vianna Stibal – founder of ThetaHealing® had to say: