ThetaHealing® Russia Representatives

Wonderful News! October 2014

Natalia Lapshicheva: Natalia Lapshicheva Craig Koekemoer: Craig Koekemoer

Craig has joined Natalia as Co-Representative

for ThetaHealing in Russia!

It was exciting for a husband and wife team to host Vianna for the 1st ever visit to Russia, where the first Instructors seminars were held in Saint Petersburg during September 2014. Now there is even more exciting news!

Craig has joined Natalia, to support his wife, as co-representative for ThetaHealing in Russia.
This means that Russia now has a very strong husband and wife team that will guide and help grow ThetaHealing in Russia in a very positive direction.

The new website for ThetaHealing in Russia

Although the website has been available since September, there are some updates currently being processed.

< < < visit ThetaHealing Russia > > >

And you can see how Russia is starting to get to know more about ThetaHealing.
In the coming months more information will be made available in Russian.

Vianna visits Russia in 2015!

As co-representatives the invitation to Vianna to come back in 2015 was extended, and she had agreed.
October 2015 – Vianna returns to Saint Petersburg.