the Healing Business Model


My background covers working in a professional capacity from around 1994, where I have been fortunate enough to work for some pretty amazing companies. During this time I have worked as self employed and employed, so I know the feeling of having to work for someone else, and also having to work for myself to make ends meet. Each company that I have worked for had their own systems in place, with many using similar rules (or guidelines) when it came to how they ran their businesses. From “Franchising” to “Sub-contracting” to the “Corporation” – there are a number of systems out there in the business world, each having good and bad merits in their own rights.

The ThetaHealing Model

ThetaHealing is a way of life that I have recently discovered, and have taken to, with great enthusiasm. There is no requirement to give up your own existing faith / religion, and then take up a brand new faith / religion. It is simple, it is easy, and it works in so many different ways that it just makes so much sense!
A person who completes a practitioner course and learns the basics, can then use this to “consult” others, and offer their services to those who are struggling with issues in their lives. The next step is to become a teacher of ThetaHealing, and thus teach others how to become practitioners.
In both the practitioner and the teacher role within ThetaHealing, there is an exchange that takes place. You give someone of your time, you use your skills and abilities to help that someone, and in return they give you something back – thus the principle of exchange.

The definition of Healing

ThetaHealing can be categorised (if you must) into a spiritual community of healers. And before anyone can say anything about the idea of being a healer – let me discuss what exactly this means to me:

  • Healing – according to research I have done – means to take something that is broken or not whole, and to repair it or make it whole again.
  • Healing – again according to research – can occur in a physical form or an emotional form.

So this to me is the essence of being a healer – it is the ability one person has, to help another, to make them better.

The Barter System

If you have a look at history, I am sure that somewhere along the line there was an introduction of the barter system, as a much more peaceful method of getting something. Way back when before coins and money existed, people would barter goods for goods. Someone who grew food, would barter that produce with someone who was a good hunter. And someone who could make things, would barter their items in return for something else.
It’s what I would call a simple EXCHANGE system.

Money for services

When money was created to replace the barter system, well actually I think it was to enhance the system of barter to make it easier to get something, the principles were simple. Money, is small and easy to carry. Goods and produce is not that easy to carry. So a middle man, can start off with buying something, and then selling it to someone else, without having to worry about having to lump around something really heavy once he has exchanged the first product or item he bought with the money. It just makes it easier to trade, and it opens up so many other opportunities.

In todays society – money is king to a lot of people. It is the thing we use to barter, trade, sell goods or services, or pay for something we want. It has become a pivotal point to many. They work hard, to make money, to spend the money. For without the money, they would struggle to survive.
In the service industry, where someone provides a service to you in exchange for money, it can sometimes lead to some really big issues of jealousy and resentment. It all has to do with the price someone charges for their services.

Should a healing service be for free?

I really love this part of the discussion, because it can sometimes generate some really interesting and heated debates. If you look at someone who repairs a car – they provide you a service. They have the knowledge, skills and toolsets to be able to fix the car for you. And you are willing to pay that person to fix your car.

So what makes healing any different to fixing a car?

Nothing and everything!.

A person who is sick, who has issues or problems, is not exactly the same as a car. But there are similarities. A person needing to be “repaired” seeks out the help of someone else who has skills and abilities to help them. In doing so, would you not expect to get the best service possible for your money?
You wouldn’t be happy to drive down the road with your car, having just sent it in for a service, and paid 50 bucks, for the car to suddenly stop, and have flames burst out somewhere in the engine. You would be less happy if you spent 300 bucks and the same happened.

Quality of the service

Why would you accept sub-standard quality when someone provides you with a service? If you had paid 300 bucks for your car to be serviced and as you drove off it burst into flames, would you be happy? I am sure that if you had received the service for free, then you would have been happy to not have to pay, but again – would you not have kicked yourself and thought – “I should have paid for the service and got it done right the first time, rather than get it for free. Now I have lost my car – why did I do that?”

You deserve the best possible service you can get, so if you pay for something – you expect the best in return for the value of that service – right?

Healing for money

A healer, who spends time studying the healing arts, who continues to spend money on their own education in the healing fields, should be the best they can be.

So would it not make sense, that a healer, needs to spend money, in exchange for their own studies, so that they can learn more and become better and better and better?
A healer should be in healing full time, not part time surely?

So my thoughts are actually quite simple – why would I go to see a healer, who gives me the healing for free, where I could go see someone else, who has spent time / money / effort to better themselves to be a better healer.

My options are easy, my choice is clear – I would spend money on a healer – as that is what I believe is best for me.

But what about the really good healers who do it for free?

Maybe there are a number of people out there who can provide their expertise for free. Some I know are really good at what they do. I cant do that. And I don’t think that there are many others who can. Those who offer healing services for free, and are good at it – I applaud them, I respect them. But it is not possible for every healer in the world to be the same.

ThetaHealing and the way forward

ThetaHealing, as a practitioner or as a teacher, provides a service and provides a way of helping others, in exchange for money or exchange for something else (such as a barter of services, or something else in return).
To provide a ThetaHealing consultation for free, is a great service if you come from a really rich family and you don’t need to worry about paying the bills at the end of the month. It’s also a great thing if you have a life calling to provide your skills for free to others.

If you wanted to improve yourself as a ThetaHealer, if you wanted to be the best you can be, then surely you would spend more money on your education. Surely you would study more courses, whether ThetaHealing or otherwise (such as Reiki, NLP, Crystal Healing – or anything else that helps you improve).

As ThetaHealing is a very large community of people from around the world, it makes sense that we should help each other. It makes sense that we should keep the values of ThetaHealing in high regard. It makes sense that as an energy healing modality, we need to work together to help it grow and become better and better.

And for that to happen – we need to keep the VALUE of ThetaHealing intact.


Money is not everything. However money is a way to barter or trade, and indeed a way to survive in most instances. ThetaHealing is a special art form, it is simple to learn, easy to use, and really effective with some of the results it has achieved. ThetaHealing is something that anyone can learn, yet it is not for everyone, as it expects the person who wants to use it or learn it, to have a belief in a higher power, and also expects the person to accept the principle of free agency and will.

If I have the ability to chose my ThetaHealing teacher – according to who I resonate with the most, rather than selecting a teacher who is the cheapest – then I have taken the choice to preserve the business model of ThetaHealing with regards to learning the modality. It also means that I have chosen to expect the best from the Teacher who charges me 400 bucks, and if I had taken the course at 50 buck – I would not have expected much.

If I have the ability to chose my ThetaHealing practitioner – according to their skill, expertise and availability – then I have taken the choice to seek out the best ThetaHealer I can possibly seek.

A person who spends 400 bucks on a course, knows that they are spending that money for a reason. It puts that person into a frame of mind that they are there to work hard at becoming a teacher and learning more, so that they can improve their skills.

A person who gets a course for free – might have enough money to pay for it – yet would not value the course the same, and could possibly sit and day dream during the course, without really improving themselves or increasing their skill set.

A person who is poor and can not afford to pay the course fee – and who gets to do the course for a little money or even for free – is thankful and appreciative for the chance they have been given. Mostly this person will excel as someone has had the belief in them, and they do not want to disappoint their sponsor or themselves.

At the end of the day each situation is different – and my final thoughts are that ThetaHealing, is really good!

I just don’t believe that ThetaHealing should be for free, and I do believe that when given something, that I should be giving something back in return!