Business Course for Healers

10 – 12 February 2015

10h00 – 17h00 / 18h00 each day
Saint Petersburg – Russia

NEW business seminar.
Pre-requisites: None.


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When I quit my previous career and started healing business, some people said I was crazy. But I was 100% confident about my decision. Yes, my previous career provided me a so-called “successful” life, but I instinctively knew something was wrong with it. My heart was longing for something else. I knew that there are truths in “healing” or “spirituality,” and I knew that it makes my heart happy. So, I moved forward. My journey in the last several years proved that it is my way of life, and also uncovered broader vision behind all this.
This planet needs major transformation – spiritual transformation. There are so many things that need to be redirected, or reconstructed, from the space of love. Who can do such transformation? It’s not a president of a country, it’s not a company that gives people more toy on the internet. It’s you. Us. Healers. We see the real truth. We know what it means to act from the space of love. We know how to transform spiritually. We are the ones that bring comfort to worry, hope to hopeless, happiness to depressed, and love to loneliness. We can let them know they are not alone, that we are all one. We let them feel love, throw away all their limiting beliefs, and transform their lives. We let them know what really matters, and be proud of themselves. We can be the source of love.
If you do it for yourself, you can grow yourself spiritually. If you want to do it for many others, and do it continuously enough to transform people’s lives, I believe it has to be a business. A profession. Because in order to give, you need to receive. If you receive more, you can give more. I understand that some of you may have hesitation to make money through helping people, so I tell you this. There is nothing wrong with making money. The question is your intent behind it, and how you use it.
My goal is to contribute in helping your healing business grow through this course. For that, I first would like to make sure to set your purpose and vision that help you grow spiritually. Then we will discuss the mechanism of healing business so that your mind accepts that it is possible, and you know what to do. Finally we will create action plan to begin your journey toward fulfilling your purpose.
I truly believe that healing is a God’s work. The work that creates real value in people’s soul. We can help people create happiness and joy in their lives. What better way is there to live?
I also believe that, as so many healers proceed with their life purpose, we can make a difference. Big difference. And I hope that in the near future, we can work together and contribute to the society, and raise awareness of billions of people.
The world waits for you. Let’s heal it now.
Let’s be the change. Change ourselves, change the world.
There is so much we can do.

With Love, compassion, and Gratitude,


How does this course help you?
In 2014/2015, many things are happening in the society, triggering various emotional reaction in people’s thoughts and decisions. Now is the time that healers are needed the most. This is a course to help you help more people, and follow your faith and dreams and live them.
Do you know why your manifestation sometimes do not work? It’s because your body/mind is doing something that do not serve its divine purpose. In this course, you will be guided through various exercises to allow your body/mind/spirit to be synchronized to focus on the same goal.
What is the focus of this course?
The focus of this course is utilizing spiritual concepts / techniques effectively instead of learning new things, to create practical business plans – in this course for example you will get the opportunity to create your own business plan.
What benefits will you gain from this course?
  • Apply the great secrets of manifestation that differentiates success and failure.
  • Understand what business makes or breaks your soul’s purpose.
  • Make your own “Success Healing Plan” based on lessons learned from thousands of healing businesses.
  • Increase confidence in healing business by understanding how to make a small success, and how to make a bigger success.
  • Develop discipline to take action and achieve your goals by using practical ideas for daily actions.
A few additional thoughts from Hiro:
This is not a class to teach you how to make a lot of money. This is a class to design your healing business to help it to grow and help more people. Of course, financial abundance will follow along the way.
The biggest success is hidden in seemingly challenging situations. Get started on your new venture now when things are changing and opportunities arise.
Start your new year with a new venture and achieve your goals in 2015.
More about the course
Research from 2010 estimates that there are 289 Million consumers in the Wellness-services sector, of the most developed and wealthy countries of the world. The demand for spiritual healing, meditation, and other wellness services continues to grow like never before. Many practitioners and healers have begun to offer their services in different countries. To enter the market is relatively easy, yet to grow a business can be a very daunting task.

Hiro, a member of the ThetaHealing® community in Japan, has been able to achieve with the ThetaHealing® system, and not only achieve but also grow it to become one of the most popular practices in Japan. Based on his experience in helping more than 1’000 healing arts businesses, he will share with you a few key strategies that will help create a difference in the market for your healing services.

Following his step-by-step guide, you will start to understand the dynamics of the healing market in your region & country. You will be able to identify business opportunities, and create a strategy and business plan which will start to grow your business in the healing sector.

This course uses both logical and intuitive approaches to combine the body / mind & spirit to achieve common goals and to feel the joy and pleasure in the process of achieving your goals.

An example of the topics that will be covered:

  • Trends & market opportunities in the Healing Sector (for Healing Services)
  • Why are you doing this? (Your mission, your vision, customer service etc.)
  • Healing services model. (How connecting services will create a sustainable and increased growth).
  • The Game Plan. (Competitive advantages / Services / Marketing / Sales / Finance / Information Technology / Others etc.)
  • Taking action first.
  • How to make sure that it continues to work

This course is designed to help the healer develop and grow their business, learn skills and focus on strategies to implement so that their goals for their business can be acheived.



ThetaHealing® Japan Representative

Hiroyuki Miyazaki

  • Representative for ThetaHealing® in Japan.
  • Completed the ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science qualification with THInK®.
  • An Instructor of ThetaHealing® of the highest calibre.
  • Creator of the ThetaHealing® course – “Game of Life”.
  • Successful millionaire businessman with many years of experience in Japan.
  • Owner of several profitable businesses.

Hiro worked in the financial sector for 17 years, showing his strength in managing large projects in a multi-cultural environment. During this time Hiro discovered the secrets of business performance, and what is required to develop and achieve significant increases in profit for a business.

Webinar with Hiro:


The cost to participate as an attendee for the seminar consists of:

  • DEPOSIT (which covers admin costs, organisational expenses etc. and is paid to the organisers of the event in Russia)
  • SEMINAR FEE (which covers the cost for EDUCATION, and is paid directly to the Seminar Leader – in this case the country being Japan).
€ 175.00 From 1 Jan 2015 onwards


€ 350.00

(Deposit Fee Special Offer of € 150.00 ended 01/01/2015)

** The deposit fee is non-refundable, and your total cost will be the DEPOSIT + SEMINAR FEE **
** Banks charge a fee for their services – which is not included in the above costs, should you decide to pay by bank transfer **

Proceed as follows:

1. First, pay the deposit – (use the PayPal button we will provide you with). Before paying please make sure that you have all the necessary certificates for this course.

2. Once you have paid your deposit – send a confirmation email including your name, email address and country you are from. Send it to: “*protected email*”

3. We will respond to you with an email which will contain details of how you can make the payment for the seminar fee. This will be paid to – Hiroyuki Miyazaki – in Japan.

4. We will confirm the address of the seminar venue closer to the time, but not earlier than two weeks prior to the start of the seminar. If you need advice on where to find accommodation, or arrange Visas for travel to Russia, please contact us on the email address: “*protected email*”

All payments – by PayPal or by cash payment, or where agreed by Bank Transfer.
Payments will be accepted until all spaces have been filled. Thereafter no further payments will be accepted.
Final payment for the Seminar Fee must be completed before the 15th of January 2015.

** The Deposit fee can not be transferred to any other courses / The Deposit fee can not be transferred to any other date of the same course (irrespective of the circumstances). **

The price includes:

  • Education received in the seminar
  • English manual (Hiro will deliver the seminar in English)
  • Certification (Certificate & listing on the THInK® database.)
  • One coffee break per day (normally in the afternoon)

The seminar will be translated into Russian free of charge.
If you want the seminar translated into any other language, then please contact us on the email “*protected email*” so that we can agree the conditions of having the class translated into another language.

** Please note: We can not provide translation into other languages for you. You will need to discuss the options with us first before anyone can translate the course for you, even if they are paying to attend the course themselves. **

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