How much does it cost?

Different options for you to chose from

ThetaHealing gives you a choice of different options to better your life:

  • ThetaHealing session / consultation
  • ThetaHealing Practitioner
  • ThetaHealing Instructor

ThetaHealing session / consultation

This could cost you anything from £30-200 for a session. It depends on who your ThetaHealer is, what skills they have, how long they have been in ThetaHealing, and how much in demand they are from others.
A session would normally be from 30-45 minutes maybe an hour.
An average cost would be £45 per hour.
(Remember you are paying the person for their time, skill, knowledge and experience, much the same as you would do for seeing a specialist / physiotherapist etc.)

ThetaHealing Practitioner

This is the first step in helping others, and the initial investment would be around 800.00 (GBP or USD).
The cost depends on where you train and excludes transport, living & accommodation costs etc.
The beauty of this is that you are certified after the training to give sessions / consultations to others afterwards. So it means you can make your money back on your investment (in terms of the cost of getting trained & certified.)

ThetaHealing Instructor

This is the most expensive part of ThetaHealing, and can be a very rewarding part too.
Typically you would need to attend an Instructors class / seminar, which is delivered by Vianna Stibal. She travels to different countries around the world, to spread the joy of ThetaHealing, so if you cant make it to Idaho in the North American summer months, look out for where she is teaching next. (You could even incorporate it in one of your holidays!).
For prices on this you need to check where she is teaching and who is hosting from the main ThetaHealing website.