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7 Planes of Existence Meditation

Interview with Vianna

Invitation to Russia 2015

The ThetaHealing® Journey

Practitioner or Instructor? When you embark on your journey within ThetaHealing® you have a few options to consider. These will determine what courses you follow and how you plan what to do next. There are many options available and I will attempt to cover the basics in this post. At the time of writing this […]

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Business Course for Healers

10 – 12 February 2015 10h00 – 17h00 / 18h00 each day Saint Petersburg – Russia NEW business seminar. FIRST TIME IN RUSSIA. Pre-requisites: None. INTRODUCTION FROM HIRO Welcome When I quit my previous career and started healing business, some people said I was crazy. But I was 100% confident about my decision. Yes, my […]

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the Healing Business Model

Intro My background covers working in a professional capacity from around 1994, where I have been fortunate enough to work for some pretty amazing companies. During this time I have worked as self employed and employed, so I know the feeling of having to work for someone else, and also having to work for myself […]

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ThetaHealing® Russia Representatives

Wonderful News! October 2014 Natalia Lapshicheva: Craig Koekemoer: Craig has joined Natalia as Co-Representative for ThetaHealing in Russia! It was exciting for a husband and wife team to host Vianna for the 1st ever visit to Russia, where the first Instructors seminars were held in Saint Petersburg during September 2014. Now there is even more […]

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What is a ThetaHealing Consultation

What is a consultation? Sometimes called a “session”, a consultation is when you work with a ThetaHealer® to find underlying beliefs, to enable you to make progress within a specific area that you to change for your own benefit. The idea behind a consultation is to set a specific amount of time for you to […]

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