What is a ThetaHealing Consultation

What is a consultation?

Sometimes called a “session”, a consultation is when you work with a ThetaHealer® to find underlying beliefs, to enable you to make progress within a specific area that you to change for your own benefit.
The idea behind a consultation is to set a specific amount of time for you to work on a specific issue that needs to be resolved.

How does a consultation work?


  • A consultation will start with identifying what needs to be worked on, and then there will be a short meditation by the ThetaHealer®. This sets you and the ThetaHealer® ready for the work to follow.
  • You will not need to do anything during the meditation, as it is primarily a preparation step for the ThetaHealer®.

Questions and answers:

  • What happens next is a series of questions, and belief checks.
  • The questions (or what ThetaHealer®s call digging work) allows you to start discovering answers that you might already know, but could have become blocked by your subconscious for a variety of reasons. When the ThetaHealer® identifies something which could have an impact on your life, you get to do a belief check.

Belief checks:

  • A belief check is a simple test to see whether or not you subconsciously believe something to be true or not.
  • At this stage, you are given the choice to make any changes that might have a positive effect for you.
  • Your ThetaHealer® would ask your permission, and then give you what is called a ‘download’. In simple terms this is a positive re-enforcement of something good. Like ‘would you like to know that you are loved, and it is safe for you to be loved’.
  • After any changes and downloads have been made, you will check the belief again to see what change has occurred. Sometimes its simple, other times it is way more complicated than what you can imagine.

End of the consultation:

  • The consultation (“session”) will end at a specific time point.
  • At the end of the consultation you will also be asked how you feel? The result should be good, positive and you should have a good ending to your session. If not, then you might need to do some more work on something you have discovered during your session.

Why a consultation?

To find a subconscious belief you need to use specific techniques, which a ThetaHealer® is capable of using. Your ThetaHealer® is trained to do specific digging, and then work with you to make changes, so that you can start to heal. You need to have a starting point for the consultation to be effective, and with the guidance of the ThetaHealer® you will be able to discover, release and correct any limiting beliefs which impact on your daily life!

How long does it take?

We aim to complete a consultation in 30 to 45 minutes, as this is a comfortable length of time to carry out some pretty amazing work with clients. If there is a need, then consultation sessions can be extended, and it depends on the ability of the client and the ThetaHealer® to continue past the normal time of a consultation.
Both the client and the ThetaHealer® will get tired during the consultation, dehydrated or even feel that the consultation has identified some deep emotional issues which can tire the client out.

How quick can changes start to take place?

Depending on the nature of the consultation and what the client wants to work on, some changes can be immediate, some take place over a short period of time, and some would need a full sleep cycle to start taking effect.
Multi-layered issues can take longer as it is impossible to change everything within a split second, and working through different layers could potentially identify other areas which the client never even realised existed.

Consultations with a ThetaHealer® at ThetaPrinciple

We will offer you (the client) a free 20 minute consultation to discuss what the starting point is. During this time we will ask some background questions to get an idea of what needs to be worked on.
From that point on it really depends on the needs of the client. Fears are classic examples of what we can work with, as in all cases the fear itself is not the underlying issue. There is always something else that subconsciously creates the fear to manifest in the client.
Once the issues are identified, then we will work towards making positive changes, so that things like emotional toxins that have been kept inside and have started to cause ill health for a client, can be released in a safe way, and help with the healing process of the client.


A single consultation is normally $ 120.00 (usd) or £ 75.00 (gbp) for a 60 minute session, so speak to one of our ThetaHealer®s and we can make a plan that best suites you as the client.
ThetaHealing® Practitioners will give you additional options, so please enquire when you contact us for the options that are available.

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