Speaking like a pro (and being a ThetaHealer)

Speakers Bootcamp
Here is a thought – and it does apply to every single ThetaHealer who teaches, or wants to teach!

You need to learn how to speak!

What if I told you that your ability to speak, before a crowd of more than 30 people, is TOTALLY INADEQUATE!
What if I told you that right now, as I write this post, that over 200 new speakers have started to work in the same market place as you, selling a message, a concept, an idea?
And what if I told you that it does matter. It does make sense. It really and truly is important that you learn how to speak, I mean really speak – so that you can inspire a generation of forward moving, Thetahealing, spiritually aware people?

2 days ago, in a hotel in Kensington, we ended a truly inspiring “Speakers Bootcamp”. People from around the United Kingdom, many from London, and a number from overseas, gathered and learnt how to speak with a clear message, a clear vision, and learnt the skill of providing their listeners with what they wanted to hear!
Bootcamps are an in thing. You see many on TV, pulling in the viewer to see how their favourite celebrity lost weight, or how a teenager who was off the rails was put onto a Bootcamp, with the aim of getting back on track.
But Speaking? A “Speakers Bootcamp”?

I must admit I was skeptical at first. About 3 months ago, during a layover in London, waiting for a connecting flight the following day, my interest was piqued when I starting to do some research on how other people were getting their message across. I wanted to know what others were doing different to me, to get clients, to get their message to the world. I came across a Facebook post, inviting me for a free webinar on speaking. So I signed up, gave my email address and got ready to investigate.
During the webinar the speaker came across pretty good, and made a number of very good points about speaking, and when the offer came out that he was running a “Speakers Bootcamp”, I thought it might just be the kind of thing that would prove how good, or how bad, his product was that he was selling.

At this point, I want you to think of one of the biggest and most natural fears that most of us have. Yes – it is speaking in front of a crowd of other people. If you have ever attempted to run your own webinar, you will know that just because you are sitting behind a computer screen in the comfort of your office at home, it only makes a slight difference. In my case, I am way more nervous running a webinar than standing on a stage in front of 300 people. So here this guy runs a really good informative webinar, and then says he trains speakers!

Hotel booked.
Ticket to event reserved.
Wife convinced that this is a really good idea.
All stations go go go!

Being able to speak in front of a gathering of people who you don’t know, sometimes 20 other times up to and even more than 5’000, is a true art form. Anybody can say a few words. But not anybody can get their message through. And it’s not just about the message!
We start off day 1 and within a short space of time we are learning about the psychology, the pitch, the offer and the close. Sounds a bit gimmicky to you?
Think about it. You get onto a stage to deliver a message, and you rehearse a speech. You get the nerves, but soon get back on track and deliver excellent content. So what is it that makes you stand out from the next person. What makes you shine? If your speech is to deliver content then you get exactly that. And if you are giving people a taste of ThetaHealing, exactly how do you do that? What is your closing offer? And as they say in sales talk, what is your conversion rate?

The truth is that you are probably a wonderfully experienced intuitive person. You probably know how to work very very well with one on one sessions. But do you really have the skill and the ability to speak, and to get your message across?
Sure, Tony Robbins is an awesome person with great value, and he has an excellent brand. Sure, there are many other speakers, from Robert Kiasaki to John Lee who know how to deliver a message.

The question is – what about you?!

The second and third day’s evolved into a really good learning experience. Numerous people were given the chance to practise what they were taught, and during most of these sessions they got really good feedback. Those who lost out, were those who did not take it seriously. There was an opportunity for everyone. And in the background, a tremendous amount of networking took place. From car mechanics to teacher, to would you guess, a Shaman who wanted to share his message! The biggest thing that I observed, was that people improved, they really improved. And even my colleague (a ThetaHealer too), who I rate as a good speaker, sat there and found tremendous value in what was being presented.

So where would I say this training would help you, as a ThetaHealer?

And what benefits could you get from completing a seminar like this, or even this specific seminar?

  • Firstly, this is an opportunity to learn structure. It really gives you the chance to breakdown the overall process into blocks of learnable activity. And then you get to practice this process, and test in a practical environment if people like what you have to say.
  • The next thing you get is an understanding by watching others, of how to do certain things, and which things are the death of the message, and turn potentially interested clients into 100m sprint champions running away from your pitch.
  • Lastly, you get to gauge the competition, and be honest with yourself. As a spiritual person doing your best to get your message across to others, you really do need to know what other spiritual people are doing. The bigger the growth of social media and the more online presence through personal and company websites start to spread the message, the louder, harder, and better you need to get in terms of getting your ideal client to understand exactly what it is you have to share.

The benefit of attending a “Speakers Bootcamp” far outweighs the cost paid in hotel, transport and seminar fees.

If it means that you need to understand the secular world first, before you can promote and share your spiritual message and compete at a better or higher level, then that is what it will take.

And maybe, just maybe, you will have that inspiringly awesome message you wish to share, that will reach the client you wish to attract, and the rest, well… That’s up to you.

If you want to find out more about speaker training, please send me an email … So that I can point, or SPEAK you to the right direction!