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how can I experience ThetaHealing?

There are many different ways of experiencing ThetaHealing, and the main experiences are:

  1. have a ThetaHealing session with a ThetaHealer (ThetaHealing Consultation)
  2. become a ThetaHealer by completing the Basic DNA course (and Advanced DNA is also recommended but not mandatory)
  3. become a ThetaHealing instructor by completing the Teachers course with Vianna Stibal

There are also free webinars, group meetings, blogs on websites, ThetaHealing Day events in different countries, practice group meetings and many other events and happenings that you can attend to get a taste or develop your ThetaHealing skills.

what role does a ThetaHealer have?

The most important role a ThetaHealer has is to WITNESS the change taking place. ThetaHealers might also have other roles when working with clients, so it is important to understand that without the ThetaHealer WITNESSING the healing and change taking place, that the healing could possibly not take place.

what role does a ThetaHealing Instructor have?

A ThetaHealing Instructor has a two fold role, the first being a Teacher, the second to be a Witness. As a teacher, the instructor shares and teaches the techniques and information that a person needs to learn and understand. As a witness, the instructor is in the class to witness that the student is learning the techniques correctly, and also to ensure that any questions that are raised during class cancan be answered, either in the class or after.

what are the basic requirements for ThetaHealing?

– Belief in the Creator
– Free Agency
If a person wants to have a healing session they need to have a belief in “Creator” which could be God, Buddah, the Creator of all that is … Any single higher power that they believe has the ability to heal.
A second requirement is that of Free Agency. This means the person has the ability to choose.

do I have to change my Religious Beliefs?

You do not have to convert between religions, change your religious beliefs or even denounce your beliefs. You still continue with your faith and religion as before. ThetaHealing does not discriminate on any basis, and ThetaHealing does not discriminate based on your religious preferences!

what is FREE AGENCY?

“Free Agency” is the ability for a client to make their own choice, without pressure from anyone else to make a specific decision.
It is important to understand that each person HAS the ability to CHOOSE. No ThetaHealer can push a client to take a specific choice, as this violates the principle of the client having free agency.

what are the differences between a Consultation, a training seminar or course, and becoming an Instructor

Often people who discover ThetaHealing have a specific idea of what they want to achieve:

  1. a Consultation allows a person to work with a ThetaHealer in a 1 on 1 basis, giving the opportunity for healing to be witnessed by the ThetaHealer, after completing a digging exercise to find out where the issues are.
  2. a Training seminar or course allows a person to become a ThetaHealer, or allows a ThetaHealer to progress their journey of discovery and progress. This is normally called a practitioners course / seminar
  3. becoming an Instructor is how a ThetaHealer grows to the point where they can do 1 on 1 consultations and also teach groups of people any number of ThetaHealing courses. Being an instructor does come with a higher level of responsibility as you will be teaching others how to practise ThetaHealing.