The ThetaHealing® Journey

Practitioner or Instructor?

When you embark on your journey within ThetaHealing® you have a few options to consider. These will determine what courses you follow and how you plan what to do next. There are many options available and I will attempt to cover the basics in this post.
At the time of writing this post – I created 2 diagrams (see below) – which will hopefully clarify what the current requirements within the course structures are.

If you are looking at using ThetaHealing® only for yourself, or if you practise healing modality, where you would like to use the skills learnt within ThetaHealing® for some of your clients (such as in a consultation) then the first step would be to learn ThetaHealing® through attending a course.
The first course is Basic DNA Practitioners, and following on from that you can progress your journey as a practitioner by completing other courses.
Practitioners Grid 04 Jan 2015

The next step is to consider Instructor courses. Now let me be clear that just because you complete an instructor course does not mean that you have to teach. In my experience there are mainly two types of people who complete the instructor courses.
The 1st person is someone who wants to benefit from the extra knowledge that is learnt through completing an instructor course. This person might chose to never teach any of the classes.
The 2nd person is someone who feels they have a calling to teach. This is great because they have the ability to share the knowledge of ThetaHealing® with more than one person, and in doing so enables many more people to learn and discover ThetaHealing®.
Instructors Grid 04 Jan 2015

Becoming a ThetaHealing® Master

On the journey that you will take, the first recognition towards your efforts of working through the many many belief systems that you have, is called the ThetaHealing® Master. When you get this recognition from Vianna, then it says something about the hours of work that you have put in.
It does not mean that you are the expert, or that you are the best ThetaHealer® around.

Becoming a ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

The next recognition that you can achieve is the completion of your Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®. The difference between the Certificate of Science and the Master is that you would have completed more work to obtain the Certificate of Science. Both require that you complete a minimum number of Instructors courses, and when you obtain the Certificate of Science it then helps you with other things too.
As a Certificate of Science you will be allowed to submit your own course for the board of directors at THInK® to consider for approval. If it is approved then it can become an elective course, and you will be responsible for teaching all other ThetaHealers® in the world, your course material.
Once you submit an Instructors course for your elective, and if approved, then it will become an Elective Instructors course which any ThetaHealer® in the world can attend, and if they complete the course they too can teach your material.

Practitioner, Instructor, Elective – what is the difference?

Elective courses are not taken into consideration for you to obtain the Master, or Certificate of Science recognition. They are electives as you can chose to take them, and if you don’t want to it won’t prevent you from getting your recognition of the hard work you have put into yourself.
Instructor courses teach you how to teach an elective or practitioner course.
And practitioner courses teach you the basics and the nitty gritty of practising ThetaHealing®.

CURRENT COURSES for Masters / Certificate of Science

The images above explains in detail which courses are required for you to obtain the Masters, or Certificate of Science recognition.
In total to get your ThetaHealing® Master recognition you would have completed 64 days of training – across 10 different courses. (Manifesting & Abundance Instructors is not a separate course, but is obtained once you have completed the practitioner course and also the Advanced Instructors course.)
To obtain your Certificate of Science recognition you would have completed 79 days of course work across 14 different courses.

At ThetaPrinciple we endeavour to keep all our information up-to-date, however from time to time THInK® can make changes to course requirements. Please ensure that you check with us about any query relating to current pre-requisites for any courses, thank you.