ThetaPrinciple.co.uk :

was created in 2013 to act as a source of information about ThetaHealing®. It focuses on sharing more about the benefits of becoming a ThetaHealer®, and gives you an avenue to discover how you can make a positive change to your life and the lives of others.

Belief systems ?

Anyone can make a number of changes to their lives, yet the question exists why we continue to come back and repeat the mistakes and lessons of old? Why is it that we just can’t break the patterns that seem to make us repeat the things we just don’t need in our lives?
Most of the answers are found in our belief systems, the things that subconsciously affect our lives – from second to second.

Do we tell you what is wrong ?

We don’t believe in telling you what is wrong with you. That is something that changes so much from person to person, that if we did tell you what was wrong, then we would be giving you the opportunity to create additional negative or limiting beliefs. That’s not what we do!

Where did we find ThetaHealing® ?

From its beginnings in Idaho in the U.S.A to where ThetaHealing® is today, it has taken a very interesting and exciting journey. The founder is Vianna Stibal, a very special and intuitive lady who wanted to share her knowledge and abilities with others. And this is where we found ThetaHealing®. We found it from the source, and we have travelled to Idaho and to the new location in Kalispel, and many other countries where Vianna has shared her knowledge about ThetaHealing®, so that we could learn directly from source.

Self empowerment is a cliché !

Many self help courses, show you many things that you can do. ThetaHealing® is different.
It teaches you “dynamic” ways of finding out where things are going wrong, and it gives you real-time options. Many people will diagnose someone, and tell them what needs to be changed.
With ThetaHealing®, it becomes “self-empowerment on steroids” if you don’t mind the expression.
It teaches you how you can work with others, showing them and helping them to answer their own questions from within their subconscious beliefs that they have inherited or developed themselves. And it also teaches you how you can work with yourself, finding out why you do things in specific ways, and giving you options to be able to change those ways, in the moment you do the work.

Spirituality vs Religion ?

We keep the boundaries clear between spirituality and religion. ThetaHealing® is not a religion. ThetaHealing® also does not demand that you change your religion. ThetaHealing® gives you tools and techniques that help you make changes, for the positive, whilst allowing you to practise your religion, becoming more positive as you progress your journey of self discovery and empowerment.

Who runs the website?

The website is run by Craig Koekemoer & Natalia Lapshicheva, but also has help from other sources. Craig & Natalia:

Who are the instructors?

We make use of instructors and teachers who are certified by THInK® in Kalispell in the USA. They all have a minimum level of training to teach and share ThetaHealing® with others. When teaching in English, Craig is the main contact point. When teaching in Russian, Natalia is the main contact point. And when running seminars in countries where the language of the attendees is different to that of the instructor or seminar leader, we make use of local translators to share the beauty of the seminars!