Advanced Practitioners


80 Nevskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA Practitioners Course

From 09:30 until 18:00 Timezone: Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburg

Venue: Galerea - 4th / 5th Floor Rooms

80 Nevskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The cost is 14'200 rubles

The event organiser is : Natalia Lapshicheva / Natalia (*protected email*) or Craig (*protected email*)

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Advanced DNA 2The Advanced DNA course is the second step to discovering more about ThetaHealing®. This course requires you to have completed the Basic DNA course, and will build on the techniques and tools you learnt. Many of the other courses you can take in ThetaHealing® will require you to have completed the Advanced DNA course, as this teaches you some of the more advanced techniques you will need, to continue your journey in ThetaHealing®.

Pre-requisites for practitioners Course:

- you will need to have completed the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA practitioners course, to take this course.

Book Now

If you wish to book onto this course please contact me at "*protected email*" or Natalia at "*protected email*" and we will send you more details on payment options.

Class overview

In this class you will epxand on the information and techniques learnt in the Basic DNA2 class. This will help you to complete the mastering of the ThetaHealing® technique. All students in the class will receive a large amount of healing and downloads from the instructor, which will bring about a profound change in you as the student, and will massively expand your abilities to do healing and manifestations.

What you gain to learn

You will learn how to:
work through your own subconscious blocks with ease
open and clear you psychic & energy centres
clear old vows / commitments / soul contracts etc. that hold you back
clear free floating memories from emotional / mental / physical traumas. (Including events such as sexual abuse / surgeries etc.)
You will also :
receive loads of healing from your instructor, making major improvements in all aspects of your life
learn advanced techniques for manifestation
understand and learn how to release fear, and the 3 R’s (Resentment / Regret / Rejection)
learn more in-depth details on the 7 planes of existence
… and more

On completion of the course

thetahealerBy the end of the 3 days, you as the advanced student will master the techniques and will have a far more comprehensive understanding of the use of techniques in working as a ThetaHealer®. You will also have a better understanding of digging work, working with clients, working with yourself. Advanced DNA is the extra practise that you need to round off Basic DNA.

Additional Information

Advanced ThetaHealing® by Vianna StibalThe accompanying book that relates to this course is "Advanced ThetaHealing® - by Vianna Stibal", and this covers more advanced techniques and concepts. It builds on what you have learnt in the Basic DNA course. However please note - to be able to practise ThetaHealing®, you will need to take part in a course, so that your instructor can help you and make sure you understand and get the exercises correct. Reading a book will provide you valuable insight, but wont teach you the practical side to becoming a ThetaHealer®.

This Seminar

Seminar Type:
icons-practitioner100This seminar is a practitioner seminar and will complete your introduction to ThetaHealing®.
Basic DNA Practitioners
Delivered in ENGLISH, free translation into RUSSIAN
Required for:
icons-master100You need to complete this seminar (after completing Basic DNA) - before being allowed to complete all other ThetaHealing® seminars (excluding Rainbow Children).
Scholarship Options:
To qualify for a partial or full scholarship you will need to contact Craig by email at "*protected email*".