Advanced Instructors


Saint Petersburg, Russia

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA 2 Instructors Seminar

From 09:30 until 18:00 Timezone: Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburg

Venue: a Training venue in St Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

The event organiser is : Natalia Lapshicheva (*protected email* ) / Craig Koekemoer (*protected email*)

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Seminar Description:

The ThetaHealing® Advanced Instructors seminar is the second step of becoming an Instructor within ThetaHealing®. Once you have completed this seminar you are eligible start running the Basic and Advanced DNA Practitioners Seminars.
2 days : you will experience more ThetaHealing® from the founder, Vianna Stibal, and she will share a vast more knowledge and information across the two days, to build on what you have learnt across the 4 days of the Basic DNA Instructors seminar. It is at the end of Advanced Instructors seminar, that you will feel super confident in being able to teach, as all the practical elements would have been brought together for you to understand and fully use.
Only authorised Instructors teacher : Vianna is the only person who is authorised to teach instructors, and once you attend the seminar you will understand why. She is loved, respected, and admired for her skills and intuitive abilities, not to mention her compassion for others and the absolute flow of unconditional love she wishes to share with the world.
Practical element : during the 2 days you will get to practise a number of advanced exercises, and your basic skills will improve more and more!
By the end of the 2 days, you will be at the level of being able to call yourself a qualified ThetaHealing® Instructor. Now your fun, excitement and journey moves into the next step - a step of greatness and fulfilment within - knowing that you are able to spread ThetaHealing® with confidence!

Seminar Host:

CraigCraig works with his wife Natalia in hosting Vianna in St. Petersburg this year. Building on the successful first time visit of Vianna to Russia last year, Craig is aiming to make this year even more special, and will be presenting some new ideas and concepts to help ThetaHealing® instructors to fulfil their possibilities as leaders and teachers within the spiritual world. Nothing is impossible, everything can be done, and this year will be bigger and better than the last!
Craig has a background in working with and hosting big events, from teams working in the London 2012 Olympics to looking after celebrities in the UK. His vision for ThetaHealing® in Russia, is to open the doors, the hearts and the minds of a talented and very spiritual country, to spread the possibilities of ThetaHealing® throughout Russia, and make it a top destination to chose when completing an Insturctors seminar with Vianna Stibal.

This Seminar

Seminar Type:
icons-instructor100This seminar is an instructor seminar and is the second of 2 seminars required to be able to teach ThetaHealing®.
Basic Practitioners, Advanced Practitioners, Basic Instructors
  • Delivered in ENGLISH
  • Free Translation available into RUSSIAN
(email "*protected email*" about translation into other languages)
Required for:
icons-master100This instructors seminar is required if you want to fulfil the seminar requirements to obtain your Masters recognition within ThetaHealing®. You will also need to complete this seminar before being allowed to take further Instructors Seminars.
Scholarship Options:
We do have scholarship options available for this event. To qualify for a partial or full scholarship you will need to contact Craig by email at "*protected email*".